class levels

Level 1 (No Audition Required)

You’ve likely been dancing for about a year and have gone out social dancing at least occasionally.  You feel comfortable dancing complete songs to music at moderate tempos, but fast and slow songs are still very challenging.  Swing-outs, tuck turns, sugar pushes, and basic Charleston should all be familiar to you while you learn to integrate 6 and 8 count patterns. You are ready to add more variations and vocabulary to your repertoire.


Level 2 (Audition Required)

You’ve been dancing for over a year and are comfortable with moderate tempos from 130-170bpm. Your swing-out continues to improve and you are starting to add your own personality. You are starting to explore the importance of connection with a partner while continuing to add new vocabulary. You are familiar with the following terms: Texas Tommy, footwork variations, tandem Charleston, hand-to-hand Charleston, Shorty George, Apple Jacks, Tacky Annies, and counterbalance. You likely have already traveled to or attended a regional or national event.


Level 3 (Audition Required)

You have a few years of experience and should be familiar with the bulk of traditional Lindy Hop moves. Now is the time to begin to understand how the dance and the music relate and interact. Fast tempos up to 200 bpm should be accessible to you. You are starting to think about dance more theoretically and are finding your personal style. Connection is an integral part of your dancing, and you feel confident in dancing your chosen role. You are beginning to work on concepts of individual movement and musicality within the vocabulary you learn.  You are comfortable with a variety of Lindy Hop variations, Charleston, and solo jazz, and have been exposed to the other swing dances, including balboa or shag. Improving quality of movement


Level 4 (Audition Required)

You have been dancing for a number of years and are familiar with all concepts outlined in the previous levels. Dance theory and concepts are more important to you than just learning more vocabulary. You are comfortable dancing at any tempo from 100-220+ bpm. Creativity and expression on the floor is what you are looking for in your dances. You have traveled and learned from a variety of teachers. You have experienced other swing styles like Charleston, balboa, shag, etc. You understand that the fundamentals are key to this dance — and have maybe even revamped your swing-out several times already.


Organizer Track

You regularly organize regional or national events. You’re interested in meeting and exchanging ideas from other event organizers. You are eager to learn from both their successes and failures, and are interested in sharing ideas about what has been successful for you. Some of the conversations will be focused around finances, venues, insurance, promoting growth and strength of scene/event, creating a safe space, and more! If you are excited about the idea of going to a dance and having zero responsibilities (for once), this is the track for you.